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Colorado Divorce: Is AN Annulment Right for You?

As a Mile-High City attorney, the overwhelming majority of cases I see, marriages that finish square measure dissolved through divorce, however not all. Legal annulment of wedding in Colorado could be a rare prevalence and therefore the grounds justifying annulment square measure powerful to prove. However, there square measure things wherever AN annulment is important, and it’s necessary to understand what the rights of the parties square measure in those rare instances. In Colorado, the statute refers to AN annulment as a “Declaration of invalidness.” In some circumstances, despite the dearth of a sound wedding, a spousal equivalent should be ready to look for relief commonly reserved for dissolution of a wedding, like maintenance (alimony) or division of property and debt.

The ground for annulling a wedding square measure contained in C.R.S. ֻ14-10-111. the precise grounds set forth in segment (1) of that statutory section, and skim as follows:

The district court shall enter its decree declaring the invalidness of a wedding entered into beneath the subsequent circumstances:(a) a celebration lacked capability to consent to the wedding at the time the wedding was solemnized, either thanks to mental incapacity or debility or thanks to the influence of alcohol, drugs, or different crippling substances.(b) a celebration lacked the physical capability to consummate the wedding by sexual issues, and therefore the different party failed to at the time the wedding was solemnized apprehend of the incapacity.(c) a celebration was beneath the age as provided by law and failed to have the consent of his folks or guardian or judicial approval as provided by law.(d) One party entered into the wedding in reliance upon a dishonest  act or illustration of the opposite party, that dishonest  act or illustration goes to the essence of the wedding. (e) One or each parties entered into the wedding beneath force exercised by the opposite party or a 3rd party, whether or not or not such different party knew of such exercise of force.(f) One or each parties entered into the wedding as a jest or dare.(g) the wedding is prohibited by law, as well as the following:(I) {a wedding|a wedding} entered into before the dissolution of AN earlier marriage of 1 of the parties;(II) a wedding between AN ascendent and a descendant or between a brother and a sister, whether or not the connection is by the [*fr1] or the total blood;
(III) a wedding between AN uncle ANd a kinswoman or between an auntie and a kinsman, whether or not the connection is by the [*fr1] or the total blood, except on marriages permissible by the established customs of aboriginal cultures;

(IV) {a wedding|a wedding} that was void by the law of the place wherever such marriage was contracted .

The higher than expressed grounds embrace the “Vegas” wedding done as a dare, or once one or each parties square measure intoxicated. They conjointly embrace marriages of under-aged minors UN agency square measure incapable of willing to a wedding, marriages among shut relations, and marriages wherever one party lacks the physical capability to consummate the wedding, unbeknownst to the opposite party.

Proving the invalidness of a wedding needs “clear and convincing” proof of 1 of the higher than grounds. It ought to even be noted that if you're married in an exceedingly totally different state wherever that different state permits one amongst the higher than conditions to occur for a legitimate wedding, Colorado can honor the wedding.

In apply, though, the foremost common grounds for annulment square measure those within which one party fraudulently induces the opposite party into a wedding or within which one amongst the parties is already married and is committing bigamy.

With marriages evoked by fraud, ANy lie upon that a celebration depends to enter into a wedding will arguably become a ground for an annulment. One notable case within which the Colorado Court of Appeals recognized “fraud” was a scenario within which one spousal equivalent duped the opposite into wedding so as to get a positive identification so abandoned the wedding once the positive identification had been gained. See, In re: Joel, 2012 COA 128. This case, above all, created clear that the party partaking within the fraud isn't entitled to the advantages of a standard dissolution of wedding continuing, like maintenance and property division, which just remedies otherwise offered in an exceedingly ancient dissolution of wedding continuing solely apply to the victim spousal equivalent.

The other additional ground for AN annulment is bigamy. There square measure occasions wherever a celebration “marries” somebody UN agency is already married, so has children, builds a life with their already married partner, and ultimately to search out out that their wedding could be a lie. In those cases, courts square measure still sceptred to enter into just orders wherever orders of maintenance, support payment, and property divisions will still be created to shield the innocent party from being exploited more. Of more note, kids of AN invalid wedding square measure de jure thought-about legitimate to stop any stigma accruing to those kids.

With the exception of polygamous relationships, time limitations square measure obligatory by statute to request a Declaration of invalidness. In different words, someone UN agency discovers grounds for AN annulment however remains in this relationship legitimizes the wedding by doing nothing concerning it. See, C.R.S. § 14-10-111 (2). as an example, the “Vegas” wedding entered into on a dare and/or intoxication becomes a legitimized wedding once vi months. a similar applies to the party UN agency learns of the dishonest  inducement to marry however lets matters continue past six months from the invention of the fraud. With the unconsummatable wedding, that wedding becomes a legitimized wedding once one year. With the case of AN under-aged wedding, that union becomes legitimized among 2 years. In essence, if you learn that your wedding meets one amongst conditions for being declared “invalid” it's necessary to act quickly.

As with the ending of a sound wedding, within the case of AN annulment, it’s invariably best to contact a Mile-High City family law professional person to assess matters and perceive your rights and choices beneath the law. although your wedding might not be valid, your claims for relief simply may be.

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